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You know what the books told you, but do you wonder what top financial services professionals have that you don't?
The Street Smart Advantage.
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The Comprehensive Business Advisor Schools (CBAS) are unique training programs for financial service professionals designed to give them an advantage over their competitors.  Led by experienced legal and financial services professionals, this case-based training is goes beyond the knowledge gained in textbooks and through certifications.  They focus on practical solutions to client issues that you encounter every day in your practice.  

Street Smart Basics Plus Half Day Training:
Street Smart Basics Plus goes beyond basic training in the areas of estate planning, business planning, qualified and nonqualified plans. For the financial service professional with some experience in one or more of these areas, Street Smart Basics Plus provides participants with insight into how to analyze a client's situation and apply the right products, services, and techniques to create a superior solution for the client and close the sale! This unique program includes practical, ethical, legal and financial information that will prepare you to deliver results for your clients. Basics Plus is designed for intermediate level producers and may be taken immediately prior to attending Street Smart Advantage Two Day Training.

Street Smart Advantage Two Day Training
In today's complex tax and legal environment, clients seek advisors who can help them spot issues, analyze the options and provide practical solutions.  Street Smart Advantage Two Day training is a case based training program designed for advanced/expert level producers during which attendees rotate through workshops learning from faculty and other attendees, all experts in their field. Working in teams, participants develop insurance based solutions to real-life issues, culminating in the presentation of those solutions to the faculty, staff and other attendees.  Along with opportunities for networking and camaraderie, participants can expect to experience a healthy does of competition as teams vie to see which one can produce the "best" solution for the client.

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